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Your Special Needs

k-6 Functional Special Education Teacher

“I cannot put into words how amazing is! I absolutely love it! I have students with severe and multiple disabilities kindergarten through sixth grade, but their cognitive ability is infant to about two years old. I struggle each and every year to find activities and websites that are engaging and at their level and that stress was completely eliminated when I stumbled upon

Just this week I discovered that I could put the program on my student’s iPads. I have a student who I worked with for 161 days—30 minutes each of those 161 days—on teaching him cause/effect this school year. Every day it failed but each day I kept trying. Last week I put gingertiger on my SMARTboard (big touchscreen interactive board my classroom has if you’re not familiar with it) and my kindergarten student had a MAJOR ta-da! moment! All of a sudden he figured out “oh! if I tap this ball, it’ll bounce” or “If I touch this car, the car will go!” I cried. I was SOO proud of him. I wholeheartedly believe that we would not have gotten to that place had it not been for gingertiger. I then put the program on his iPad to see if we could teach finger isolation (because he would just use his entire hand to try and navigate through different apps) and ta-da! low and behold, my kiddo isolated his pointer finger and was playing “Catch me” and “touch & look”. I tell all my special education teacher friends about this site. It completely changed my world!

Furthermore, I love the options that are on each of the games—I love that I can select background and foreground colors. This is amazing when working with my students with visual impairments as well as cognitive impairments. I love that I can make the cursor bigger or smaller. I love love love that the graphic are not boring. I’ve found some other websites that teach cause/effect or simple foundational skills like colors/shapes, but the graphics are boring. Gingertiger’s graphics are so bright and engaging. I love how it immediately provides feedback for students. For example, my student who had the big break-through of “getting” cause/effect, he only has to touch 3 things in the “Catch Me” game before the children come on and start clapping and cheering for him. That immediate feedback and errorless learning is exactly what my students need.

I plan on keeping gingertiger for year to come. If you ever need testaments and/or videos of how students with severe/multiple disabilities are using this website compared to other websites that aim to teach similar skills, please let me know. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this site and how wonderful it is at reaching my students—because my students are seriously some of the hardest children to reach and keep engaged.

Thank you for all your work in developing this program. I appreciate it more than you know!”

Raqual Carlson, k-6 Functional Special Education Teacher, Logan Elementary, USA