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Your Special Needs


“I use this website all the time, using the “Puzzle” for language treatments. I really love the “Auditory Memory" games, The kids are fascinated and they join in, cooperating and talking! Everything is great. It is important for me that everything is compatible to working with switches, simple, clean and clear”

I. P. Speech therapist, works at special Ed center for CP children

“The web site is excellent and I use it in my clinic, I have already recommended subscribing to the website to families I work with.”

M.C. Neuro- functional developmental therapist

“we use your website for variety of activities working with students of different levels. The website is user friendly and easy to use for all the staff as well. We play the “Touch and look” and “touch and go” games a lot , they are simple, clean and serve the purpose.”

A thank you from one of our users

“As a eductor in a school for medium to severly retarded students and various accompanying disabilites, I was very happy to become familiar with your website. I use it a lot, working with my students, I must point out one of its most important advantages in my opinion, which is the fact that it is suitable for many levels and a wide variety of areas. Thank you for creating this website.”

S.M. School for mentally retarded childrens.