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Cause & Effect

These activities help learning the linkage between cause and effect, from basic to progressive levels, by using all kinds of input devices such as switches, touch screen etc. and getting reinforcing feedback.
Cause & Effect activities are the foundation of computer use. They serve as a basic and joyful tool that is further used throughout all the other activities in the Ginger Tiger site.

Basic Skills

These Enjoyable activities teach basic skills such as visual object and color identification, sorting, visual memory etc. from basic to more Challenging.
Basic skills activities are the foundation of learning Reading, Writing and Math.

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Fun activities aiding development of skills such as timing, impulsiveness moderation and help improving attention and concentration.
Timing activities are essential for single switch users and good starting point for learning and computer use.


Math Practice from preschool / kindergarten, to second grade level via fun and games.
These activities are highly effective and supportive to math students at early stages due to unique game structure of clean screens and objects.

Speech & Language

Activities aiding auditory, verbal and linguistic skills: following auditory memory, concepts, prepositions, definitions etc.
This package serves as foundation of communication and linguistic skills.

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Language Arts

A diversified set of activities meant to fortify phonological awareness, and activities for starting the learning of reading and writing.
These Activities encourage the student to play with letters, explore and learn through fun games in early reading and writing steps.